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Frequently Asked Questions

Are your products for me?

SHO products has one goal in mind..Results! Whether your hair is natural, relaxed, long, gone or short - there’s a SHO product for you! Our products are here to help restore common hair and scalp challenges and maintain the health of the hair. We are kid and family friendly.

What types of oil do you offer?

We offer our signature SHO Hair Oil (hyperlink), which is available in (50ml/100ml) sizes and our SHO Kids Hair Oil (hyperlink) available in (50ml/100ml) sizes.

What’s different about SHO products from the others on the market?

Our products are for the ingredient-conscious, results-driven consumer. Our products are family-friendly, made with love with cleaner, high quality ingredients. We want our customers to be clear on what you are adding to your haircare regimen by providing the benefits of the ingredients and when to use them for what goals you have in mind. We pride ourselves on not only delivering high quality products, but also tips and various use suggestions for results.

How do I use the oil?

You can apply our signature SHO Hair Oil Blends to the scalp and massage to stimulate oxygen and bloodflow (known to stimulate natural growth). Prior to a shampoo (to minimize split ends and breakage) use as a hot oil treatment. Add the oil overtop of your fave conditioner for ultimate penetration to strengthen and soften the hair strand. Apply oil from ends to the scalp sparingly prior to blowdrying for heat protection. The uses are endless!

Is the hair oil blend safe for kids?

The kids hair oil has (7) oils in the blend that have been historically documented to be mild and tolerated by kids 8 months and older. Our all-natural blend is made from seeds, flowers,and plants, however, additional research and a skin patch test is always recommended up to one week to determine and rule out any allergies or skin sensitivities prior to full strength use.

If I have a pre-existing health or medical condition, will your products help?

Ingredient research and customer discretion is advised before using our products. If you have pre-existing health conditions that require medication, it is recommended to discuss usage and potential adverse reactions with your doctor or healthcare professional prior to use.

Check all medications for "hair loss" or "thinning" as a side-effect, this will help you determine trying SHO products as a possible haircare maintenance option. Our products help strengthen and moisturize the hair strand while nourishing the scalp. The line may be beneficial for you!

Can I use the products if I am pregnant or nursing?

We recommend checking with your doctor or healthcare practitioner prior to use. Although our products contain no harsh chemicals or additives, they do contain essential oils which can travel to the bloodstream with consistent use. Please consult with your doctor and use at your discretion.

Are your products unscented?

Our products contain a blend of essential oils utilized in production which is all-natural and no synthetic fragrance. The scents vary and can be described as floral, woodsy and earthy. The hair oils form their own combined scent. When using for the first time, use small amounts to acclimate yourself to the natural scent. The scent will not overpower your senses. All other products have invigorating, uplifting essential oil fragrances.

When should I expect results?

Results vary per customer and hair concern. It is recommended to investigate the root of your hair concern, select products according to your hair challenges and stay consistent with your routine for ideal results.

Most of our customers report seeing a difference in their hair in 30 days. Please check out our reviews here (hyperlink) and our Instagram (here) for customer reviews.

Can I return the product(s) if I am dissatisfied with the results?

We strongly suggest thorough product research before buying our products. We only accept returns on items delivered damaged which (at the time of delivery) you email us with photos of the damaged goods and we will proceed with replacements.

To eliminate any possible future concerns, please assess your hair condition and issues, research ingredients to determine if our products are suitable for you.

We do not except returns otherwise.

Can your products be used on damaged, bleached hair and split ends?

SHO Products help with damaged hair. Our products are produced to assist and support major hair concerns including, but not limited to moisture retention, boosting natural growth, texture management, scalp health and hair follicle strength.

Do I need to purchase all products to get best results or just the oil by itself?

Our products are best used consistently as a system for most effective results. Our most popular products have been bundled as systems that most effectively help treat, condition, and moisturize your hair. Check out our bundles (here).

Our hair oils have numerous uses you can implement into your haircare routine. You may choose to start there which can benefit any regimen.

Where can I purchase your products?

SHO Products are only available on our website at
Our products are not sold through any retail suppliers.

Do you offer International shipping?

You have the option of choosing Express Mail Priority ( at checkout. Express Mail Services start at $45 USD and up. Customs fees may apply upon entry to your country and would have to be paid by you, the customer.

My order says DELIVERED but I never received it?

It is recommended to purchase Signature Confirmation at checkout for maximum confirmation your package reaches you.

By doing so, this ensures added security for your package.

Priority Mail delivers the package directly to your door or mailbox without a signature.If you do not receive your package, we recommend contacting your local post office for assistance.

SHO Products is "not responsible" for your package when it has been confirmed as delivered by the carrier to the address provided by you. It is important you input the correct shipping address to avoid a missing package.

If you receive a damaged product please send an email to: within 3 days of delivery for assistance and will not provide a replacement.


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