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Lisa K.

What once was solely an all-natural multi-purpose hair oil made with high quality essential and carrier oils to address common to complex hair challenges became a well-rounded haircare line which focused on creating, maintaining and restoring the hair and scalp to a healthier state.

The creator, Lisa, experienced unexplained hair shedding which was eventually revealed to be caused by a thyroid imbalance. In search for a solution, it was her love of herbs, oils and alternative therapies that she had applied to her family's health and wellness on numerous occasions, that sparked an interest in researching possible solution to her challenge. "I wanted an aggressive approach without the fear of harsh ingredients or chemical based products setting me back from my goals or adding any additional challenges."

In her extensive research, her mission was to boost the natural healing our bodies are capable of accomplishing through healthier eating and build a haircare regimen that targeted strengthening, replenishing moisture, stimulating the scalp. "As I increased my knowledge of ingredients, their uses and benefits, I steered clear of the traditional medicine route of hormone replacements or topical steroids, instead I developed a simple weekly regimen, stayed consistent and anticipated improvements."

"I definitely had impatient moments! I felt my hair was taking so long to grow in thicker, from all the shedding - I was tired of the same styling which consisted of no heat at all. Some moments grew very frustrating. While my shedding started to subside, and I felt the density coming back to my hair, what I didn't take note of was the condition my hair was in. It was shiny, extremely shiny! My hair was stronger and my scalp felt good, not so sensitive as before. When I realized my hair growth was a natural occurrence, it was going to grow regardless of any regimen, it became clear that while m y hair grows, I am in charge of the condition my hair is in, I am in charge of the length that I can regain (hold on to) based on how I treat my hair and scalp, with what I choose to use and how consistent I would be.

I figured if I had to put an emotion behind my hair challenge, why not choose Optimism (Hopefulness and confidence about the future or the successful outcome of something) . This was a new beginning. A different way I would forever look at haircare. One that I would share with many in the future."




We are SHO, a family-friendly hair care company dedicated to the transformation, revitalization and growth of hair of all ethnicities. Whether you are beginning your healthy hair care journey, pivoting to a new regimen or looking for something to help with the maintenance of you or your families hair, we have just the products for you.

With our clean, lightweight, quality ingredient-driven formulas, we take your hair from surviving to thriving. Our products help you to embrace and love your natural hair pattern and enhance the beauty that’s already there. You don’t have to go far to experience a healthy hair care routine, we bring the five-star hair care experience right to your doorstep. SHO Products is a guaranteed fam-favorite.

Our Mission: "Grow Optimistically"

Creating SHO Kids Hair Oil

SHO Products started with our adult hair oil for restoration and maintenance, we want your children rooted with us as they embark on life long hair journey’s guided by the principles instilled by parents, grandparents and the likes that healthy hair is good hair. 

No two heads of hair are alike and it is with that uniqueness that makes each child beautiful. We learn by trial and error what will be an effective hair regimen for our children. We’d like to give you some guidance along the way with suggested regimens, timelines on when to add to a regimen based on age, how to use products together and separately for ideal enhancements.

Educating on key ingredients and why they are beneficial to the hair and scalp not only gives a better understanding on why you choose various products but it also gives you a sense of trust SHO wants to build confidence and enthusiasm in your selections as a consumer. 

We want SHO Products to be the foundation, your base for your child's haircare needs.


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